Les auxiliaires modaux

La valeur de l'auxiliaire modal (1)

La valeur de l'auxiliaire modal (1)

Sélectionnez la valeur de l'auxiliaire modal de chaque phrase.

  1. You may open the window, if you like.

    • a. obligation
    • b. permission
    • c. probabilité
  2. He must leave his shoes at the entrance of the mosque.

    • a. forte probabilité
    • b. obligation
    • c. conseil
  3. You should think twice about it before you get involved in this.

    • a. conseil
    • b. probabilité
    • c. obligation
  4. They can't have reached the border yet, they left only two hours ago!

    • a. incapacité
    • b. interdiction
    • c. impossibilité
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