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Le passif

Qui fait l'action ? (1)

Qui fait l'action ? (1)

Dans chaque phrase passive, sélectionnez l'agent de l'action.

  1. He was totally absorbed by his work.

    • a. he
    • b. totally
    • c. his work
  2. They were denied the right to answer.

    • a. they
    • b. the right
    • c. the right to answer
    • d. someone
  3. Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1979.

    • a. Mother Teresa
    • b. the Nobel Prize for Peace
    • c. the Nobel Prize committee
    • d. 1979
  4. The three terrorists are being questioned about the bombs discovered in a pub yesterday.

    • a. the three terrorists
    • b. the bombs
    • c. the police
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